Professor Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

Professor Noam Chomsky received his PhD in linguistics in 1955 from the University of Pennsylvania. He has written extensively in linguistics, philosophy, politics and psychology. His research interests are interdisciplinary in nature as he is a linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, historian, political critic,and activist. Professor Noam Chomsky is widely known as one of the West’s most influential intellectuals, the most significant challenger of unjust power and an individual who is not only brilliant but heroic.

In 1975, Dr Thao Le communicated with Professor Noam Chomsky about his newly published Tasmanian research journal Working Papers in Language and Linguistics and received his encouragement and mental support. We are now greatly honoured to welcome Professor Noam Chomsky to the Australia Asia Research and Education Foundation as an Honorary Professor.