The Internet Journal of Language, Culture and Society would like to announce that after a small hiatus, the journal is now again accepting manuscripts for consideration for the next issue in early 2016.

It is with a heavy heart and after much careful consideration Dr Lê has reluctantly relinquished his role as Editor in Chief after almost two decades of service.

At this time we, as with many authors and readers of the journal would like to thank Dr Thao Lê for his insight, dedication and sheer determination as Editor of the journal. He will be sorely missed, however will continue to provide support to the journal in other capacities.

We would also like to thank all those who will be stepping down within the editorial team at this time. We recognise your many tireless year of service and contribution to the ongoing development and functioning of the journal.

Although these changes bring about sadness, we anticipate that the journal will continue to offer insights into theoretical and practical issues that focus on the link between language, culture and society within a socio-cultural context over the next two decades and beyond.

We would like to recognise the new Editor in Chief, Dr Daniel Terry and the new editorial members. They have worked with Dr Thao Lê and Dr Quynh Lê over a number of years and through careful stewardship, guidance and trust, have been prepared to take on these roles.

Both Dr Terry and the new editorial board are excited about their new roles and are confident to continue to make the journal a success.