The Australia Asia Research and Education Foundation (AAREF) was established in response to the call for collaborative and innovative research-related activities and developments in the context of a changing and challenging world. Its formation was a manifestation of the unique bond between Australia and Asia.

This special bond between Australia and Asia has been established and cultivated for a long time, both individually and collectively. Various social and cultural activities have been conducted and promoted to enhance the sharing of experiences and resources among people and communities in this fascinatingly growing region. With the continuing socio-educational transformations under the impact of the transnational dynamics in this part of the world, there are always new demands for innovative ideas and developments in response to the rapidly growing strengths of the region.  This is the foundation for the establishment of the AAREF, which is firmly committed to quality and innovation in research and education to effect positive changes in the area. That is the spirit which guides our direction and activities.