– President: Professor Thao Le

– Director of Computer-Supported Education: Professor Dan Rolf

– Director of Academic Research: Dr. Quynh Le

– Director of Professional Development: Mr. Vinh Ho

– Deputy Director of Professional Development: Dr. Tin T. Dang

– Director of Public Relations: Dr. Chona Hannah

– Deputy Director of Public Relations: Dr. Bao Huy Ho

– Director of International Relations: Dr. Ha Hoang

– Director of Educational Advocacy: Ms. Kim Cuong Do

– Deputy Director of Educational Advocacy: Dr Paul Throssell

– Director of Publications: Mr. Daniel Terry

– Director of Finance: Ms. Chau Tran

– Director of Childhood Education: Dr Bronwyn Reynolds

– Advisory Committee:

    + Prof. Darrell Fisher

    + Prof. David Cole

    + Prof. John Williamson

    + Prof. Peter Freebody

    + Prof. Sue Kilpatrick